What Is Software?

Software is a collection of programs with hardware coordination to run the computer. This set of data or instruction operate how the computer will work. In other words, it tells the computer what to do. It comprises an entire set of routines, procedures, and programs associated with the computer system’s operation.

A set of instructions directing the computer’s hardware in performing a specific task is called a software program. The software comes with two main types: application software and system software. 

Generally, the software is stored on external long-term memory devices like a magnetic diskette or hard drive. Once a program is in use, the computer will read it from a particular storage device. Then, it places the instructions in the random access memory (RAM) temporarily. The storage process is called “executing” or “running” a program.

Application Software

This software type directs the computer during the command execution given by the user. It includes a program that processes data for the users. It also includes word processors, payroll programs, database management, spreadsheets, and other applications.

System Software

This software type is responsible for controlling the computer’s internal functionalities through controls like storage devices, printers, monitors, and operating systems.