Chat Communication Software

When running a business online nowadays, you need to access more sales and support channels than before. It is noticeable that customers these days are less patience.

According to Hubspot’s study, roughly 90% of customers require an immediate response when they have questions. An “immediate” response is defined as ten minutes or less. 

One of the most challenging parts of the customer service division is responding to a large customer service volumes round the clock. However, with a chat communication solution, you can communicate with your customer in real-time. Plus, you can automate the response to the frequently asked questions.

Below are the best chat communication software solutions you can choose from:

1. Podium Webchat 

Podium Webchat lets you stay connected with your customers from anywhere. It is easy to implement and use. After you place a code on your site, you can start customizing the chat widgets. Then, integrate it with the CRM, and you are ready to go.

Your customers can enter their phone numbers when initiating a conversation with you. As a return, you can send them messages to answer their questions, close deals, schedule appointments, and stay in touch.

2. Olark 

If you are looking for a chat communication software that is most effective in anticipating customer issues, you can go for Olark. It is an excellent option for smaller websites and businesses that are new to live chat. It can make build strong customer relationships a lot easier.

The software features a searchable transcript technology. You can use this feature to keep a tab on customer issues very straightforward while enhancing other customer concern processing.

3. Chaport

When boosting the bottom of your sales funnel, chat communication software like Chaport can help you. It is designed to increase sales through improved chat communication. It comes with a customizable widget allowing you to incorporate chatbots or chat live to solve problems as quickly as possible.

Additionally, this software is affordable. If you are on a tight budget, you can go for the free forever plan. If you are ready to upgrade, you can try other packages.

4. Pure Chat

For an effortless way to take advantage of live chat services, Pure Chat is the answer. The software focuses on live chat. It is a simple solution with no confusing bells and whistles. That way, you can focus on achieving business success. Plus, it comes with …

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